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The iLockTM family of products (jLockTM, webLockTM, orbLockTM) uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for providing access management services to enterprise application. This approach enables the greatest scalability, flexibility and manageability.

At the heart of the architecture is the SECURITY CENTER. This service manages users, groups, roles and security policies (rules). Graphical and scripting administrative capabilities with an integrated policy testing tool.

The JAVA Agent in jLockTM enables fine-grain access control for all native Java application, J2EE/EJB resources and Java Authentication and Authorization Service(JAAS) enabled application servers. Supports Java security standards (e.g. JAAS).

The C Agent in c/LockTM (not shown) enables fine-grain access control for all native C/C++ application, and full compatibility for applications using heterogeneous servers for their distributed applications. c/Lock is patterned after C security standards (e.g. PAM) with valued added features to parallel the jLock API's..

The CORBA Agent (shipped with orb2 for Java and previously known as orblock TM ) enable standard secure interoperability between CORBA and J2EE services, secure interoperability in multi-vendor orb environments and application level fine-grain access control. Supports OMG and JCP security standards (e.g. CSIv2, CORBASec, RAD).

webLockTM's WEB Agent enables access control for Web Pages, XML documents, elements of XML documents, and for resources and functionality exposed via a Web Service. Supports Web Services security standards (e.g. SAML/XACML).

iLockTM allows you to define information and/or functionality at the level of granularity your enterprise requires and to protect it from unauthorized access.


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